A Book of Rhythm

A Book of rhythm is an allegorical account of a African- American boy’s conversation with his Psychiatrist. The book traces the boy’s hypnotic adventures through the imaginary lands of Tribes (racism), Sheets (class injustice), Gods (Religious Myopia), Scripts (Cultural Superficiality), the Fall (The boy’s period of convicting introspection), and Rhythm (The boys cathartic revelation surrounding a new moral perspective).

A Book of Rhythm is an excellent read for individuals who are frustrated in any, way, shape or form with the ills of American culture. It is also an excellent read for those who like imaginative fiction. While the essays can be involved in moments, the rhythmic dialogue between the boy and his psychiatrist is both riveting and entertaining.)

A Book of Rhythm
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A Book of Rhythm is not something that an individual can read in one sitting. But within one sitting, one can get a good sense of the tone of the book. There are parts which may seem confusing, the author’s suggestion is to skip over those parts and to keep reading, keep reading, keep reading! The book’s ending is a surprising and dumbfounding twist, and so it is best to even skip to the end, if one finds oneself “mired in the details”.

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